Sewer & Drain Repair, Replacement in Lewes, DE

Lighthouse Plumbing Co. has experience with all drain line materials. Cast Iron, Galvanized and ABS are the most common materials. Copper drains are less common in residences but we have made many repairs in copper systems as well.

If you suspect you have a leak in a drain, contact us and Lighthouse Plumbing Co. can offer you assistance in correcting the problem.

Drain Cleaning

Lighthouse Plumbing Co. cleans many types of sewers and drains, including sewer lines, floor drains, bath and kitchen sinks, roof drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and washing machine lines.

Clogged Sewers and Drains

Sometimes, even with cleaning, something can clog your sewer or drain and require emergency service. We unclog sewers and drains by removing hair, soap scum, dirt, and debris such as leaves, branches, and rocks. We use video inspection to locate the clog and ensure the gunk is removed. If you drain is clogged completely or running slow, this process cleans it out quickly. It's no fun when you cannot use your sink, shower, or toilet or when your sewer is backing up. Our plumbing team will take care of the problem to get everything flowing smoothly again.